Writing is a passion, and Sometimes, passions are painful…

If any one of you reading this, is a writer, you will understand the title quite well. There is this passion inside of me as a writer, to convey something, whether it’s a joke, a story, an essay on why suffering is prevalent in the world, or just a descriptive moment observing someone’s profile… it’s all there… passion in wanting to share an innermost sense or thought, or observation. There are times, however, when that passion feels painful, and we are not quite sure why, just that it is hard to get it down on paper. The feelings are there, the emotional pain is there, but the words don’t come easily, and so it is actual pain. The only way it will be released eventually, is when we can get it down on paper.

It is not far from the truth when Hemingway said: Writing is easy, just sit down at a desk and open a vein. If someone tells you it isn’t hard at all, nor painful, nor such passion as I am describing, that someone is most likely a shallow person, and ultimately creates shallow writing for the shallow reader… there is a place for us all. I am talking about a very unique kind of writer, storytelling, and reader: deep, passionate emotions, hidden beneath the exterior and conventionally polite politics of human interaction. It is the kind of thing we never talk about in the open. It is those particular things that make us cry, or make us feel lost, or make us so innately pleased with life, or angry so much that we actually do something about that part of life. It is the kind of writing that after hurting the writer in putting it down on paper, it hurts the reader….but good. It is the kind of reading that makes people change, move mountains, shake their lives like a gorilla shakes a tree.

I promise you, if you are that kind of writer, it is not far fetched to say you open a vein daily, just to put it down for someone to understand that emotional moment of which you speak. It hurts so good, and sometimes, it hurts so bad… but it must be told, because as they say of the muse, when the muse comes calling, the writer has no choice but to bleed.

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  1. Interesting perspective. Maybe I’ve been declared brain dead and without a brain, I am in no position to be decoding medical charts. But I don’t share this experience with writing at all. I find it exhilarating, never arduous, painful, or even cathardic. It’s a process which while it involves hard concentration, all sorts of discipline and even mental legerdemain to produce credible and satisfying results, never torments me. I guess I need a daily dose of Franz Kafka bone marrow or maybe a spoonful of the freeze dried brains of Friedrich Nietzsche with every meal to jump on the angst and anguish bandwagon. I feel like a card-carrying Pollyanna!

    I will add go even further in relation to music, which long was my first love and now has slipped in status behind novels and political essays. The joy I always got writing and recording music was ecstasy with a dollop of satisfaction. Here, for example, is my holiday card to the Western world, a song I wrote and performed with my Japanese wife. I played all of the instruments, recorded the song two years ago in my home studio, and put together the video … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8M2_HEYCY8.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Very nice song, John; cheery, quaint, and up-lifting. It sounds to me a lot like John Lennon’s “Imagine,” I think it’s called. Yet, as I say, there is a place for us all.

      Writing is exhilarating and wonderful, yes. It cannot always be that way, I’m afraid, for many. It must be deeper. If you had Franz Kafka or Friedrich Nietzsche in your classroom as their teacher, you might not be able to reach them. Yes, you could reach many great ones; but I think maybe I might be able to reach those you don’t, instead, because each person has a kind of leader, teacher, or helper or facilitator… just not always cheery and bright, and everything nice, lol!

      Some writers have to go into the dark trenches, like Hemingway, Faulkner, McCarthy, to reach those people. I never said it was fun to reach those places, but passion is for a reason, because passion indicates an empathetic person, one who understands those remote places of the soul. So, for those moments in time, it hurts. I am willing to bleed if it reaches those who need a support in their own world. And the purpose is not simply to bleed and say, “Yeah, sure, I know what you’re going through…” but also, to say, “here’s how it can go, too,” or maybe “I did this in that situation, maybe this will help.” Not in a didactic way directly, though all great writing is didactic to some extent. But in such a way as to open that mind of depth and darkness, and give some light.

      I am a musician, too. In my musical travels, I have seen a lot of hard knocks in my lifetime, not all to me, but as an observant lyricist and poet as well, I see a lot of what seems very nice, yet it misses a small percentage of our existing population, and it sometimes does not reach quite deep enough … We writers are all called, just not to the same thing. Thanks for sharing your song, and thoughts. I appreciate it.

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