That Taboo Issue…

I’ve known too many people who have chosen the road of “suicide.” We say they were selfish, self-indulgent, and there is truth to that. But we might also recognize that being most likely weak at the beginning, they are not equipped to have handled what they determined they could handle (or not.)

So in one of my sad perusements over some people that decided to end it all, I analyzed a bit, then wrote  a poem. This was not today, this was a long time ago. If you read my poetry page, it’s on there. I just want to alert the many people who have thought about it, or are still thinking about it…please do not…

I have never called a suicide hotline when I got that far, nor have I ever taken medication for my depression, and I might add, I’ve been quite depressed at times… Sometimes, it’s better to talk to a stranger at a bar, or an elderly person on a park bench, or someone distant in the family… Suicide prevention people can get burned out sometimes, too…I have to work this ticket also, because I’m there many times, along with you… You are NEVER alone, in ANYTHING!


No one may talk about it, but many people deal with things and never say a word… they learn that everything will pass, everything, and brighter days will come in the interim… It’s all worth it.

Better to let people think you’re insane, and blurt out what you need to know on the communication line, to help you get through what it is you do not know how to get through.

Like help on a phone, many times we hang up on one servicer because they simply do not really know how to serve; or they did not seem to know how to recognize the problem, so we can hang up and then call back, to get someone better to talk to. Well, that is the same thing we have to do in life.


If our parents aren’t that communicative, find someone who is (that’s a “call” for help). But if that person expects any kind of emotional or physical remuneration, hang up! Call back and find someone else to help (a different servicer or person to talk to).

My remedy here may seem simple but life was never meant to be so hard. There are a million and one people out there who really do care; you just have to keep looking until you find one. Sometimes, it takes a whole lifetime of hanging up and calling back, and sometimes we have to keep getting more and more information, so don’t stop with just one call.

And remember: people are all on different wave lengths, meaning they all have different intelligences, or levels of understanding, so you have to consider your source, and find the right one for the right need. So go out and live, and make that call when you have to!!

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