One of those things

Just one of those days, I guess, when I finally see what is really happening with such clarity it scares me to bits!!

People have no scruples, moral code, ethics, courtesy, and some of these things that seem to elude them, that makes life a bit easier to get through.

I was thinking this morning how difficult it is NOT to get depressed sometimes, about MANY people (I won’t say MOST, although I think it) have no sense of right from wrong, or they have a diluted sense of comraderie and call it “friendly business.” (It’s more like friendly fire.) They say, “well, it’s a dog-eat-dog world, so I’m only keeping my own hide protected.” Isn’t that the way of things? Many give a resounding YES! But many disagree.

Morning folks, here is another of my rants because I have been getting TONS (and I mean tons…metaphorically, of course) of anonymous challengers to my website security, trying to BREAK-IN to my website here.

Seems I am getting many subscribers, then I get many break-ins, failing to break the code, but trying multiple times per day. What does that tell us about people these days? Is it important to invade someone else’s space for their own selfish intentions? Is it fair to rape and pillage someone else’s private website, just to creep into their sense of peace and tranquility, so they can build on someone else’s foundation? Are they just curious about what they can steal or distort? Are they just mischeivous? Are they terrorists trying to infiltrate our internet for the sole purpose of bringing this country down, so we can be third world miserable like them?

I have been receiving notices from my website people that there are so many failed login attempts the site itself is being punished and NO sign-ins are allowed for 24 hours, and 24 hours, and … Do you get it?

I would like to see comments and sincere interest in what I talk about.

I would like to see others join in on my rants, in the forum of pubic access.

I would like to see all people’s habits of minds enhanced, to engage in preferably the best in men and women.

And yet, all I get is spam, asking if they could run this show, or if I could buy their product, and … my readers, fans, or subscribers?




Does anyone know what “FEEDBACK” means anymore…??










Seeing every day multiple times,  “FAILED LOG-IN, 24 hour lock down,”

–over and over again, well, frankly it has me this close to closing shop forever, because now I’m asking myself:

Why am I doing this?

Does it mean much to anyone?


I’d be better off hittin’ the comedy clubs and berating the audience:

(comedians are loved for that…)


Okay. Let’s look at this logically…

Since there are no comments, but there are a LOT of attempted break-ins,

Must I assume it does not matter to any friggin-one that I am blogging, chatting, yakking, ranting, whatever? … …


HELLO?  images-3images-2images-4

images-5 HELLO??


So why am I here?

Yes’m, you are right! NO REASON.


I’m sure there are better things to do with my life….hmmmm


images Is there anybody there yet?

It is time to go finish my academic work, where others are DYING to listen to my reports,

students are ANXIOUS to hear my lectures,

and other teachers are ENAMORED with my every word… (who am I kidding…)

lLqeLiD2 Have a nice day…

Oh!! By the way, thank you public access, for all the pictures of Jon Lovitz, whom I love, and whom I wish to be in audience being berated by him as well. I love comedy… especially tragicomedy, like this site.

3 Replies to “One of those things”

  1. It is one of the great ironies of the internet revolution that what once appeared as a nearly utopian development for connecting us all as one huge family, capable of sharing with others our thoughts, dreams, fantasies, complaints, jokes, anecdotes, epiphanies, or just moments of sharing for sharing sake, has turned out to be a giant impenetrable wall, isolating each of us in a cyberspace prison of solitary confinement. But the logic was flawed in the first place. Put two people in a room, you have the potential for a conversation. Put several in a room, you have a party, with numerous simultaneous, interlinking conversations. Put 7 billion people in a room, we are looking at broken furniture, long toilet lines, the roar and incomprehensible din of everyone shouting and no one listening. The stench alone would be unbelievable. So, dear innocent, don’t expect anyone to comment. They have to pay for food and new jeans by selling you Raybans and Nikes and hacking into your site hoping to be able to steal critical personal details about you so they can transfer the balance of your checking account into their encrypted Bitcoin portfolio in Luxembourg. I hope this explains things. It’s not that what you are writing lacks merit. It’s that your expectation of healthy curiosity about you and what you’re thinking is an antediluvian pipe dream. When I’m looking for attention, I just wear a t-shirt that says: “Two lesbian nuns walked into a bar …”

    1. Thank you, your reply was just what I was looking for: human communication. Thank you again. And by the way, I agree, just put it out there anyway… and I found you! 🙂

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