Writing is no glory ride!

Many people think that writing is glamorous: it isn’t. It is definitely a lot of “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” a lot of hard work and a lot of bleeding onto paper, and when glory does come it is so well deserved, and never enough for what one puts into it. The saying I am reminded of, is the one that is coined by Ernest Hemingway, most of us agree:

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
Ernest Hemingway

And why do we bleed? Most writers are writers because they FEEL an exhorbitant amount of everything from everybody around them. While they live and breathe they are experiencing everyone’s feelings, moods, actions, behaviors, gestures, idiosynchrocies, and all else, because most writers are acutely and abnormally hypersensitive to EVERYTHING. They MUST write, it isn’t a choice, it’s a need to bleed on paper, so we don’t bulge with some kind of a mental absess. We may NEVER be popular, or may never know we beCAME popular (at least not in our lifetime) but the fact remains, we must write nonetheless, as we must breathe, eat, sleep and so on and so forth… It sometimes feels like a curse, and at other times, it feels like a gift, especially when we are affected by our own writing (crying, laughing, anger, pain).  Bottom line, is: it’s somethiing we HAVE to do, not something we just WANT to do.


Writers may not admit to anyone, but they are anxious, melancholic, curious souls with a tendency toward a number of contradictory mindsets, like hope, fatalism, desperation, resignation, sensualism, idealism, and acute need to be loved… yet aloof and incapable of letting anyone in too much… We like our space for our own creativity, and sometimes we’re narcissistic, and sometimes we’re martyrs for the common good. So only a writer knows, (and recognizes others like the writer), and we don’t mind, it’s been like this since we were born, so….


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