2016, Was it good? Or …


I am struggling with the concept of MOTIVATION… what does one need to be motivated?


Is it more years of life? Is it more friends and people? Is it money and fame? Is it sex or romance? No. I think all of these help a bit, but at the core it is something else: it is PURPOSE.


We retire people at the age when they seem a bit slower, softer, not as appealing to look at, and less inclined toward pretentiousness. The dirtiest trick of the human cycle of life is that when one gets old, the other humans treat one like one has no real purpose among the young or beautiful or rapid productiveness…


I am NOT motivated to write, read, do, or feel anything… because I feel purpose-less… I dare anyone to admit this, as well.


If you are over 60, please say “YES” at the posts. Don’t give me reasons why I shouldn’t feel that way. There is plenty of schmoozing and affirmations on Face Book. I have plenty of my own as well.


Give me the truth about WHY getting older is the toughest thing you have ever done so far, so that those who are younger may know what’s coming… perhaps they can change it.


I have experienced the most unfamiliar pains, aches, and imbalances, the most odd changes in my body and it unnerves me because I know that means I am unable to be or do what it was I was being or doing when I was a twenty-five year old, a thirty-five year old, a forty-five year old, and even a fifty-five year old…


We supposedly have laws about discriminating against OLDER citizens, and when one gets a job as an older person, one is given those papers to fill out that says, “oh no, we will not discriminate against older folks, it’s the law…” and so on and so forth. However, knowing that older persons are slower, less capable of seeing well, have response time slowing, this is not allowed for in older people. If older folks cannot remain as quick and carefree as the young, they will certainly fall out of line.


What I propose is that older people be given truer rights, not in this rhetoric of non-discrimination given to cover the ASSETS of those in charge, but in actual helps. There is still much to be given that older people have to offer, it just comes in slower response rates, or less heavily driven piece-work capability. Wouldn’t it be great if the younger world in this country REALLY DID RESPECT THEIR ELDERS?

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