Awake, New Year!



I wrote this poem in 2015, when we left the year before (2014), but it stands on its own, for every year, so hope you enjoy this little bit of my pensive self.

Awake, New Year!

By Lydia Nolan

© December 25, 2015


When I encounter dreams, I wish, that had come true,

I know that they first started in my everlasting heart.

And brand new Hope brings Joy that hoping does impart.

And then, y’know, our Dreams don’t sleep away,

The hoard of heaven brings boiling, Hope’s fresh brew …


Forgive the hurts, repair our souls, and never fall apart,

I hold the good, and learn from it, that I must clearly bend

Give free my love and never hate, and always do append

The best of all; the truth in me, the only Me, I know.

While visiting old dreams, the dreams that groan to start…



So, Come, New Year! Give us good cheer to every living friend,

I look upon the end of last year’s chapter as I ponder.

No dream does die, we only send it to our hearts to wander

And rest our heads in pillows, and the Dreams which I intend,

Brings New hope in the night, as New Year starts again.



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