Traveling for Training Writes

The year is exactly half way, now. It’s incredible how quickly years fly by. I was working on a trip to New Mexico, for research purposes. I have never been to most of the states in the U.S., and that bothers me. If I was born in this great country, I should know a little about it, shouldn’t I? How many people live in their country and have not hardly moved about in it, so they know little about all its characteristics, cultures, and so forth? I don’t want to be one of those people. MY bucket list is the hope to visit and stay awhile in each state, so that I can really know the country in which I belong.

Since we’ve got so many “little countries” within the larger U.S., it behooves ANYONE to get a handle on its characteristics. I’m starting with New Mexico, because my novel is based in New Mexico, and it’s title “Taos” works with the theme of psychological identity by experiences. The novel has a lot to do with psychological hang-ups people grow to have after a succession of traumatic events.

One may call this book a thriller or murder mystery, since the backdrop is based upon the main character’s pursuit of a serial killer, but the killer is only mentioned. It is more about the detective that is chasing the killer, and who she thought she was before she discovers the many aspects of the pursuit and finding of the killer.

I hope to have this novel published or at least connected by publishing date, by the end of this year. 




Thank you for visiting my website. We are still in the construction phase, but there is enough to see where we are going.

It’s not an easy task for a laywoman to get started on a new webpage, especially when your expertise is not webpages, but whatever else your expertise is.

Mine is WRITING. I love to write, probably because as a child I loved to talk! But most of my family members told me to stop it! So I did, and started writing instead.

 I will get better at this webpage business, I’m sure.

Suffice to say, if you are a friend of mine from way back, you will endure, as you always have, and as friends do, but I hope you will see some really cool value as well, as we explore the mind and activities of a writer on the way to authorship, and why writing is so important for the world at large.

Hope you enjoy these rants.