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Everyone needs one thing in life about which they become impassioned.  Is it Love? Is it children? Is it marriage? It may include any or all of those things, but those are the “symptoms” to IT. The IT is the fire that burns within each person’s soul and keeps us wanting to wake up each day

IT is layered and frosted, permeated and infused in every activity, every person or event of which you can taste the flavor of IT, and in what direction you  may endeavor to pursue. But IT is the one thing that drives us all.

IT will never be subjugated, will never be ill met. IT will make you get up every morning and sigh joyously when you die. But! If in any way that IT is taken from you, if it leaves you, if for some reason, it was made to seem valueless to you, without it you may descend into depression, even death. What is it? IT is different for every person. 

Weight Watchers tells you that you must remember the “Why.” THAT is the IT I’m talking about.


Everyone has a purpose for living. For some women it may be their husbands, or their children. For some men it may be their wives, their children too. For some people it may just be the recognition they never had as a child, or it may be the need to resolve what they never could resolve for someone long gone. Whatever that IT is, IT is the most strong driver in anyone’s life. 

You MUST find your purpose in life. Maybe you just want to help people be  happy; find that position where you can do that. Maybe you just want to be loved; make yourself authentically lovable. Maybe you just want to participate in a project that will bring many to a higher level: join a team that feels the same way you do. But look for your IT, your PURPOSE and when you find it, do NOT let it go–EVER. It is your true spirit. It is what God intended in you.


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