When you Believe…

It is already March, 2015. The months keep plowing on and the years move through my body as if I were a cadillac tht begins to look lik an antique. Soon I will be taken to the garage of all garages, like the metal scrap heap, only the one for humans: the graveyard. I sigh, wake another day, smile. I rise, make the coffee, take the doggies out to piddle, feed them and their kitty buddies inside the house. I open all the windows, so the cats can sit and watch the worker bees pass them to get to the car lot and off for the day, to work. I sigh again; it’s my turn to go to work, right here, in the room where my desk waits for me to come and give it use. I have my two computers: one for work, and one for the other kind of work. I write fiction on the one, and teach students on the other. This is my own blissful life. But my body is beginning to creek, and aches and pains have found my address. I yawn, wishing I could sleep 24 hours a day, but then I wouldn’t see all my pets, and smile at my children and husband, and smell the fresh air outside as I wave to people good-day. Yet, I am physically waning, watching for the hours as they pass, and wondering when it is I will be called away for good.

Ahhhh, to live with God, to leave this place, and go to the Promised Land, the land of milk and honey… the Homecoming, it will be everlasting, peace, love, forevermore… THAT is what the Israelites longed for, and that too, is what the Christians long for, following in the tradition of the Jewish people who left Egypt, to find their resting land on earth. But there was more to come, and it was beyond this world, and this life, and… but…when Lord, when?

An Atheist might say: how stupid. You are here, and there is nothing apart from scientific physical truth, so why don’t you make a heaven on earth then? It is impossible for those who do not know the heart of God, to understand the mind of men who hope in the God of the spritual world, in which they believe. Besides, no matter what we do to make heaven on earth now, there are always those that want to destroy any semblance of heaven, because they rather would argue it and hate it, and allow the wrongdoing to go on, rather than for those who would wish it, to make this heaven on earth.

Alright then, what is the next best thing? heaven in the heart of those who wish it. It is definitely a task, as we are still surrounded by those who taunt and jowl, and make the earth a sour place. nonetheless, we must move on as we go, with the joy and expectation of the future place God has intended for us, whatever, wherever that may be. After all, scientists themselves say that energy cannot simply stop being energy, but moves from one body to another, so then, we never die, but we go–SOMEWHERE.

I’M OKAY with that. Frankly, if I had to think that this world and the people in it that destroy and maim and antagonize, and bully, and make life worthless, is all we have (as those Atheists may believe) then, I do not think I could remain as sane as I am. I am happy to work at what I can to make life as good as it can get here, for anyone I know or may know, but I am even more happy to know it will be better AFTER I leave this place.


When one believes, one does not see the world as a mere human does. Yes we are mere humans, too, but with an added spiritual eye. This spiritual eye is greater than human science, so of course, since the human without God’s touch does not see through this spiritual eye, they are limited and can only see through the limitations of a worldly human being… “wordly,” meaning the world is all you see.

This eye of God was presented to us, through the Man Jesus, who was both Man and God (meaning he had already the eyesight of God, and KNEW God’s mind… if we could call God’s mind a mind, as we only know human terms for human images, and human presuppositions…)

But here’s the thing: To those who are blind to the spirit world, it is foolishness for those who believe, and those who do not know God, think we are striving for what they do not see–perhaps air–to them. Yet,the spirit moves not from sight but by a SENSE of knowing, within, so the blind man (all human beings) who believes, knows by spiritual eyes, not eyes of flesh.

Meantime, I’d better get back to work and write some good stories, make a lot of readers happy, and feed my bills. Just some thoughts to get the blood flowing. Have a blessed and exciting day!