To Thine Own Character be True

The Short Short Story of the Character and the Bore

by Lydia Nolan

© July 29, 2014

Once I was a character. Then, I became a bore. It was necessary to be a bore, in order to exist in a world of boredom and routine. The only time I would allow my character outside of myself was when I was in a body of retreat, for example; illness, or strandedness, or caregiving-ness–or the weekend.

Becoming a bore, at the expense of one’s character, is only this way with the masses. The masses; the masses are the myriad of people: races, cultures, religions: all those who live among the guise of the poor. 

The masses have no voice.

They are heavily endowed with the leashes, the puppet strings, the weights of the rich. The rich are all of the above placemats or labels, as well. However, being rich excuses all your labels, or everything else you may be, because being rich makes one be able to do more of what one wants, and leave the crud, the burden, the clean-up, the routine, boring and complacent business of life, to the poor and desperately working for a dollar and a dose of pleasure in a weekend beer or a hot dog. 

It is time for the poor to realize who they are, and begin a new strategy: to take from the rich. This will be difficult, because all the laws, the contracts, the rules, the education, everything is built upon the well-being and continuation of those who are rich, and who have become rich in the first place, by force, by imperialism, by raping, pillaging, and stealing from the kind, the humble, and the illiterate of the rich body’s building up of their force, the imperialism, the raping & pillaging, the stealing; and then, all the laws, the contracts, the rules, the education, all that is geared for the understanding of the rich and not for the understanding of the poor and illiterate.

Therefore, what is left for those who are built out of the body of the rich? To be worker bees, to be boring, to be routine and hard-working nobodies, desperately waiting for the weekend, to have a little pleasure with a beer, a wine, a dinner or a movie, and a little bit of dancing, sexing, some kind of distraction and a letting out of their character for a short period before they begin again, the return to boredom and to be a bore.



Glutton for Ginseng, Gab & Galleries

Glutton = [Glut·n]


1. a person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously.

2. a person with a remarkably great desire or capacity for something: a glutton for work; a glutton forpunishment.


gin·seng = [jin-seng]


1. any of several plants of the genus Panax,  especially P. pseudoginseng,  of eastern Asia, or P.qinquefolius,  of North America, having an aromatic root used medicinally.
2. the root itself.
3. a preparation made from it.

gab  [gab]

 verb (used without object), gabbed, gab·bing.

1 to talk or chat idly; chatter. (noun)

2. idle talk; chatter.


gal·ler·y [gal-uh-ree, gal-ree]

noun, plural gal·ler·ies.

1. a raised area, often having a stepped or sloping floor, in a theater, church, or other public buildingto accommodate spectators, exhibits, etc.

2. the uppermost of such areas in a theater, usually containing the cheapest seats.

3. the occupants of such an area in a theater.

4. the general public, especially when regarded as having popular or uncultivated tastes.

5. any group of spectators or observers, as at a golf match, a Congressional session, etc.


Here is where we analyze the analist.

Our present society has become vessels for stimulation, notwithstanding the array and voluminous materials flying around each and every one of us. Our society is never full, but ever voratious for new fillings, new sensations, new avenues of labyrinthine trailways to the abyss.

Hence, the gluttons grow. The ginseng is whatever pasifies: drugs, drink, sex, or just the sucking of one’s thumb will do. Perhaps it is visiting Starbucks EVERY morning, noon, and night…and THEN some… Or perhaps it is stalking on the internet, or just plain spending the whole day reading every other person’s visionquest. Then, or course, there are the videos; the movies, the reality pitstops, and every living lacklustre load of…. suggestions you can muster.

Why? Why? We gab and no one listens… we gab and we tell ourselves: aren’t we interesting enough to make others want to listen to a human voice, rather than interact with fictional composities of humankind?

We the People, the Occupants, the Spectators, the Observers of the world…. are in danger.

Yes, in danger of becoming empty vessels. Vessels without any use for other than garbage, because we have drained our own ingredients and poured in “fillers,” just like McDonalds or Jack in the Box, or Panda Express does… unnecessary ingredients to puff it up to look real.

But in fact, the spectator is becoming the fiction, while fiction is becoming the real.

I suggest you turn off the television, and go and read something with real meat/content of value! And don’t just read ANY book, read one that has stood the test of time.. yes, perhaps a classic, but more to the point, one with tons of commentaries on it, that has been written, and been discussed about, since it’s inception. But that is not even the epicenter of my suggestion. After reading, start a discussion about how it made you understand, feel, mad, laugh, whatever! Allow others to be candid and direct as well and as much as you are. THEN, argue a point; one of all of the chips thrown on the table, stimulate a little mind power, watch the juices flow.

We must learn to confront each other, without being cowardly and without being so agreeable, that we manage to have a life theory and philosophy. When one has something to stand for, it’s a courageous look at oneself, and even if another tends to skew your view a bit, it’s all in good mental health, unless of course some of the mean-humans play, then THOSE have to be convinced that that is what they are.

The point is: stop being filled and begin utilizing your OWN ingredients, give and let give, without recourse of remorse. We’re sharing in order to enhance our humanity. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t use dirty words, ha! It shows one is limited in one’s vocabulary.