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Today, the Daily Health Post ran an article from “a nurse” (name not given) who reported five common regrets  people voice at the time of their death.

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

 From the moment that one loses one’s health, it is too late. Having good health gives one a freedom we seldom realize, until we no longer have it.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

Every male patient said this. “They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship.” the nurse said.  Most women from the older generation were not the breadwinners. “All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence. By simplifying your lifestyle and making conscious choices along the way, it is possible to not need the income that you think you do. And by creating more space in your life, you become happier and more open to new opportunities, ones more suited to your new lifestyle.” How many men listen to this advice until too late?

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

Suppressing our feelings for the sake of peace with others, can be a detriment to oneself. Instead, people “settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming. Many developed illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a result.” The nurse said.Speaking honestly, is not necessarily comfortable in the beginning, but it leads to elevating “the relationship to a whole new and healthier level. Either that or it releases the unhealthy relationship from your life. Either way, you win.” I could not agree more here.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

“Everyone misses their friends when they are dying.” she says. When we are alive and well, we seem to think there will be time for us to enhance our friendships. But before death comes, “the physical details of life fall away…  it is not money or status that holds the true importance for them. They want to get things in order more for the benefit of those they love. … It all comes down to love and relationships in the end. That is all that remains in the final weeks, love and relationships.”

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

When you are on your deathbed, what others think of you is a long way from your mind. How wonderful to be able to let go and smile again, long before you are dying. Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness.


I thought it important this morning, to think about this a little. My son lost a young friend last week, who was killed riding a motorcycle. He did not even have the time to think of regrets. From what my son tells me, he was a remarkable young man who had come back for Iraq, became a police officer, and was well on his way to a great, long life–when he was killed.

None of us know when we will go. Hopefully, we will have time enough to settle things, but if we don’t it would be better to accomplish these “regrets” well before a day when we can no longer contemplate them. 

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Boredom with the Grind

Here we are again, and believe me, I wish I did not have to make it sound the way it sounds, but it is exactly as you might think: boredom of the grind.

Yes, that’s right. The emotions (or lack thereof) of the world around me, and the incessant influx of technological, robotic babble is finally getting the best of me–today.

Although it is impossible to create a difference on my own, by myself, without the help and organization of a myriad of people with the same purpose, finding those people, and deciphering their limitations and capacities for the long haul, is a seditious activity in itself, let alone, finding  anyone who has the same specificities of natural born gifts and talents, and weaknesses, as oneself.

Hence, I find myself back in the grind of letting life happen to me, and not the reverse. It is an accepted notion that one must procced in the act that will keep one going; to “plug on, ‘ol chap” and continue, if one is to make a difference in the world. Yet, what difference does one make? To explain my question, consider envisioning a knitted quilt, with a tiny strand torn in one tiny spot, that causes the quilt not to be “whole.” That is where I am today. First, a short history of me.

I became a high school graduate when I was 16. With not a method or procedure to follow; with not an inkling of guidance, I chose to listen to those closest to me, who were the only sets of influences I had: my mother and father. Not that parents aren’t knowledgeable or wise in their own circle of life, but if they have not been the kind of people who ever functioned in the average American workforce, or they are foreign to this American economy, or they have had a lot of misery coming from another country to this one, which they cannot even imagine as to, how to function well in it: well, they may not be the best choice to guide a child into the areas in which that child might have options in this American Dream of a country. But some children do exactly as their parents seem to be telling them.

So, considering the source, you will understand when I acted eventually on the backward compliments and advice, to “Make a difference! You can do anything you want. Just don’t go anywhere with strangers, and don’t hang with people who are in music or art, since they don’t have REAL jobs, and don’t go out at night late, and don’t move away far from us, because you might get DEAD! Just do something significant… like get married, make babies, be a mommy, and get a job.” In that order, mind you. Nonetheless, having graduated so young, I proceeded toward the only instruction I had. By thirty, I began to wonder what was going on. By forty, I was struggling to graduate from college, and by fifty, I was beginning to think I had been steered wrong, for by then, I had racked up a good amount of student loans and education, but still did not have that job I thought I would be able to get once I got the education.

As anyone knows, a teenager, having become a wife and mother before her twenties, is a young and overwhelmed child, who cannot see beyond the day in which she lives; each day, filled with diapers, baby food and formula, measles and whooping cough,  clothes washing, cleaning and cooking. It helps if she doesn’t smoke or drink, but it’s not guaranteed she will have time enough at all, to THINK about her next move into the world of recognition. RECOGNITION: did I just say that? Was that a true Fruedian slip? Because that is really what it’s all about, isn’t it? We all want recognition. We all want to be seen, known, and accepted for who we are, and why we are the way we are.

When I was a child, I remember my mother reading  Bible stories to me. One story caught my attention and kept on catching it. It was a passage that has baffled me for years. The narrative depicts a mental scene where God is stationed in his place, seat or something like a rested area, and the angels (including this devil character) come before the Great throne of God, and every one of the angels present themselves to God. Each one,  each angel’s  presentation before God is like the highlight of heaven;  they get to be seen, known, and understood for who they are and why they are the way they are.

I remember most about the conversation God was having with the devil, regarding what the devil wanted to do with a piddly person God had created; I think it was Job–but remember: it’s the lesson, not the actual conversation. Anyway, the devil was talking to God like some kind of real estate agent, selling God on the idea that he was concerned with God’s feelings toward those he created because the devil felt like God was giving them way too much advocacy and admiration. Thus, the devil explained to God why he wanted to shake things up a bit, for this guy Job, to prove to God that by “rocking the boat” the man would not be a fan of God’s any longer. What this devil character (and a sly one at that) was trying to do was to lead God to the devil’s premise: You’re giving them way too much attention, and I am going to prove to you that they aren’t worth it.

That is an interesting story to any child, but what I got stuck on, and how it fascinated me beyond any other thought, was: why did the angels come one by one before God, as if they were all trying out for some kind of audition or something? This scene stuck with me for years and years.

Now that I am well into life, I think again, about that scene. What was God thinking in all this? Was it a standard he was setting with his creatures? Was it a creative signature he wanted them to acknowledge about him (or her)? Or was God trying to teach us how to interact and assess on our behalf–how to take responsibility for our own behaviors? This sounds like Psych 101. Since God was the maker, anything or anyone made by God had to be beholden to God, right? So I think about people, right here, on earth.

Every child born, is in need of attention. They cry for milk, changing, and just to be cooed. Then they get older, and they cry for toys, and the need for us to furnish them with playmates and food and drink and attention … you got it: attention. Then, they get older, and they vye for attention again! But now, from the teacher, and if they don’t get it in a good way, rest assured they’ll get it in a bad way: they will become the class terror. Then, they get older, and parents just don’t do it for them anymore: they want to go higher up in the authority level of love and life. They begin to look for someone to give them the love and affection they need as they begin teen-aging–yes, the pleasure dome: sex. But not just sex: attention–OH! There’s that word again. Then, they look for a permanent partner to seek out a life of attention, love, affection and remuneration: all part and parcel of that same need: to be SEEN, KNOWN, and ACCEPTED for WHO THEY ARE, and WHY THEY DO WHAT THEY DO. Now the greedy, nasty corporate world has taken that innate need and capitalized on it, from foods, to fantasies, to froth-making imbibments. That is another story for another day. Suffice to say, we never get enough of the need, because those instant pleasures disappate after awhile and we find ourselves once again, needing…. the same old need: Attention.

The angels before God, wanted to be SEEN, and so forth… The people before parents, teachers, lovers, all want to be SEEN, et. al…. The dumb shows we watch, the singing, the dancing, the arguments, the relationships in households, in locations, in economic levels,  all are vying for TV time so that you will watch them instead of the other channels, because they want to be SEEN, etc., and so forth, ad nauseum…

There is a very strange phenomena going on within human beings. The harder life gets, the greater the need to be …. you know…attended to…

Each and every one of us, yes, we need to be acknowledged by some kind of authority, and we need it consistently, and constantly, or we get very lonely inside ourselves. People need people: to encourage each other, to talk to one another, to inspire each other, and to love each other, but still: we each need to be acknowledged individually, too. We all want to be KNOWN. So we do whatever it takes to get to that place that is most pleasureable… We are known and loved for who we are, and we are understood in what we do, and why. See how that works?

Why else do you think the Christian God has affected so many human beings throughout time, enough that they would even die for, give up comfort, and take on complete advocacy, to Jesus, the Hebrew Christ, who said: “Come unto me and I will give you rest…” (attention), and “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions. I go and prepare a place for you, so that where I am, there you may be also.” (acceptance.)

Everyone wants a place, everyone wants to be seen, and everyone wants to be KNOWN, for who they are, what they feel…

And here is my segue to another, and a very contradictory side of that whole issue.

In our modern day, even in our stupid TV advertisements, corporate marketing wars that shove in our faces ads for cars, clothes, and especially pharmecuticals,  we are being told to stop wanting attention! Do not “laugh” inappropriately, or “cry” inappropriately, stop getting depressed and so “take this little pill, and it will stop your incessant and inappropriate emotional outbursts for attention.” Oh please!! What is this world coming to, “1984” in 2014? (a bit delayed, but anyhow…)

We are heading to a worldwide emotional breakdown, and it has to do with the powers that be, who want to keep us all at the bottom rung of their made up hierarchy. They want to keep the masses quiet and unseen, unknown, and expendable; needed only for any of the dirty work that need be done, then go back silently into your cubby, or get back into your drab shell, and shut up, until we call you again. We musn’t make waves or show any signs of dissatisfaction. We mustn’t be obstinate, or have our own creativity or mind for thoughts of equal or more sensible ways to encompass and enlighten and encourage every single living soul on earth–that does not fit with the objective; the Objective is we need workhorses to carry the kings and queens of Wall Street or any other such rediculously man-made way to suck in as much sensual pleasure for those uppities as we can.

Yes. I am bored with the grind. I am stimied and wondering what it is I need to do, and why I am sharing this world with these horrendously selfish, evil human beings that connive their way into every poor person’s pocketbooks, by using the FAKE–yes, FAKE pull that they will give you the attention you need: with drugs, drink, food, sex, and dreary cybersocieties. Should I get attention by going to some theater and shooting everyone in sight? Should I go strangle my husband, my children, my pets? Should I just leave a pitiful note of sorrow, and commit suicide? NO!!!

What do I do to make life good for me, in my little square or patch of a life. AND! In the act of this doing, how can I make it equally as good for everyone else? Is there something I can do to make life better? For all of us?

Here is what I have decided to do today. First, I am going to think of everything I do as qualitative,  not quantitative. I will start with a physical aspect: breakfast. I will make me a breakfast I would serve to my best best friend, even perhaps what I would serve to God: one beautifully fluffed egg, cooked in REAL butter, and slathered with avocado. Then, I will make an English muffin, and a nice hot cup of coffee, I will not worry that I will get fat and never look as skeletal as Angelina Jolie,  nor will I ever be the poster child for Forbes best and riches human beings alive today. Instead, I will eat this very slow, and comfortable, in the quiet of my room, while looking at my writing, and editing. Then, I will take my two little doggies for a walk to check in the mailbox for any mail I may have gotten, and I will stop a few times to smell the flowers, smile at passersby, and gaze at the trees, maybe I will take a second walk and take pictures on my little camera. Soon after that, I will take some time to finish my novel, and then read someone else’s work, intermittently visiting friends and dear people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, or whichever I can. If there is any possibility for helping someone (like the phone call I just had, listening to someone who was having a hard time with a friend), or giving a blanket or two to a person I saw on the way to the store (I keep in my car).

And finally, I will stop, and praise the day. I think because I was feeling quite bored of the grind, that was my way of saying I needed some attention. And do you know what? I got some…from me. If I keep cognizant of every move I make, and assess the thoughts I entertain, I will give that attention I so badly need, to myself.

Many of you may not believe in God, and that’s okay. I happen to believe there is some kind of power beyond me, and why I chose Christianity was merely because I felt it had more alignments with me than any other belief system. But for us all, whether we believe in a higher power or the Christian God, or Buddha, or Nothing, we must realize that the attention we seek is within. As an added feature for me, I take pleasure in the idea that God is looking upon me, saying, “that is exactly what I thought you would do, because I KNOW you, and am SEEING you right now, and I KNOW WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO.” And suddenly, amidst the tears of losing my boredom in exchange for acceptance of myself and my lot in life, I feel happy.

I ALLOW MYSELF TO FEEL the happy emotions because  I am understood–By God and by my own self, and especially I know myself, and why I am who I am and why I do what I do. At the risk of sounding complex, I must say that the most satisfying pleasure to to consider the words of Shakespeare: “To thine own self, be true…” There is a very real and deep meaning to that statement. In my very sensitive soul, the girl who cries over nearly every movie I see, every pet or animal that I contemplate has a goal or journey, having to deal with perhaps the best (or worst) owner; for every child or adult that I know must walk their walk, talk their talk, and act upon what they have understood to be the issue, because they are seeking–as I am–what best to do and be and how to live and love, and keep from losing their way to their end, especially when they may have cruddy people or interactions that depress them… For all these factors whirling around me, I am feeling quite enraptured by the idea that I am alive, and I am given license to care for ME, to do the best I can WITH ME, to live and to love every human being I can, as BEST I can, as well as every creature who breathes, including plants! I am ecstatic to know that I can make a difference in the world after all…by making a difference in ME. And if every single living soul had that outlook, think of how we can change the world–REALLY.

Life Can Change in an Instant

We are once again into this fine Monday morning, and a new week before the next weekend! Thank goodnss, we’re all alive and well… er… most of us. I am sorry to hear that Tracy Morgan may not agree with us, nor can he be as enthusiastic.


images-1                           images-2Tracy Morgan is still alive, but barely. His co-comedian friend Jimmy Mack, 63, was not so fortunate. Yet Fortune is remained to be seen for Tracy. And to some degree, for Jimmy Mack, we’re sorry to say, for those who are left behind. Which segues into my topic about preparation.

One thing we can all agree on, is about that New Jersey turnpike–a dangerous turn they call the DRAGON! But that is much like how life it as well.  When something tremendously tragic awaits us at a winding road or turn of events, we should be well prepared to pack it up, if we have to, or at least have your world wait until you can join it again. How? By keeping our personal matters in order: letting those we love know where they stand always. We should make our business decisions beforehand, and having our wishes carried out in case we are unable to instruct those who need to know what to do, in the event we cannot speak for ourselves. This would be as on an Advance Directive (Will).

First of all, for those who don’t  know what that is–Advance Directive is a document which states what to do with you, in the event you cannot instruct on your own, such as in a car accident, or boating or plain or any other kind of accident, in which you have entered into a coma, or in any state that creates issue with a sound mind and body. An Advance Directive may cost anywhere from $500-$5000 or depending upon what you own, who you owe it to, and how you are endowed with which entanglements, etc. Suffice to say, if you hardly have much, it does not matter. Ask an attorney what your charge will be, and if you don’t have it, save up for it: it’s important.

Secondly, if you are in business for yourself, of course, that will have to be in the advanced directive as well, but here are some thoughts on that matter. You must address your partners, if you have any, or your spouse, if you have one. You must be sure there is a plan for accounts payables and receivables, in case you are no longer around to direct your employees, if you have any. You must be sure there is some form of “last ties” remuneration to employees, if you plan to let them all go, or if you expect them to stay on, but for them to know who they must address in such a time as that. Insure your company, to be able to take on the burdens, or your spouse or family or SOMEONE; they should know how to run the business if you are no longer capable of doing so.

Finally, and I think the most important, NEVER leave home without making sure those you love and that love you, know where they stand. If you are thinking about walking out, don’t hem & haw about it, let the person know what you have that has changed you. If you love your partner/spouse, significant other so much? Tell them, constantly, show them more! If you have any surprises, leave those matters in the hand of a trusted friend’s or son’s or someone, again, who can make sure things are taken care of, in the event you will be unable to work it out for them. Always know where your family plans lie, always. Always know how your loved ones feel about you, and if you have any reservation, that means you are OUT OF TOUCH: get in touch with those you love, emotionally, spiritually, physically, or any other -ally… because when you go away, and not come back… it’s forever for them. Leave them with warmth, love, and memories; they will always keep these things in their hearts.

Don’t take life for granted. If you have great weekends more power to you! It’s Monday morning grind week, which does not have to be so bad, as long as you were prepared for as much of the rest of your life as you can work out. I hope Jimmy Mack’s family is cared for, sorry for that sadness, and I  hope all the people–including the driver in the truck that caused the accident–have their lives in some kind of order, so that IF, and/or WHEN they return to it, they have everything smoothly covered when they are away, either temporarily or permanently.


Thank God It’s Friday

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday!)

For some reason, everyone gets really excited when it’s Friday… except, of course, those that WORK weekends, but nonetheless, everyone somehow feels akin this day, I think because, whether they work or not, they figure everyone will be out more Friday night since many do NOT work, and on Saturday, everyone will be taking time to look at items in specialty shops, etc. It’s a kind of reprieve from a daily grind that we feel only during the week, and not as heavily felt on the weekend.

Many people see Saturday as the day to wash the car, the clothes, spend time fixing and maintaining homes, yards, shopping for groceries, and so forth. Many people go to their favorite spiritual resting place: synagogue, church, temple, science room, library, patio, backyard, whatever the favorite place to go, to gather thoughts and quiet their “rushed” lives and perhaps meditate on inner qualities, or pray for those who never get rest, like soldiers, the hungry; any kind of people with third world sufferings. Regardless what one does on the weekend, it’s done on the weekend, and that is what is so special about that time: it is the time when our “lords of economical slavery” allow a little time for our personal happiness–except for those who work on weekends, as I said before.

So the TGIF, as most everyone knows, stands for “Thank God It’s Friday.” That sense of Friday bringing on a reprieve of some sort really is very strong. There is a collective consciousness, if you will, that makes one’s heart excited and drumming a couple more beats; puts more smiles on faces, and gives people habitual weekend food cravings like pizza, beer, barbeque steak or chicken, and having family picnics. Sometimes, though, there are those who loathe the weekend, and they feel the same altered states but in a bad way. Now I’m bringing on a subject most people do not want to talk about.

In some countries–those countries where the people are all starving, in the middle of war torn streets, and enduring such pollution of noise, which stagnates anyone’s soul, mind, and body… they have no real conception or care about … FRIDAY. All they know is life is torture. And we have people in our country that way too. Either they are starving, or jobless, or desperate in some way, and sometimes they take it out on animals, or children, or wives, and sometimes even on husbands. I would like to propose a new ritual within the Friday excitement…

This Friday, when you are feeling such excitement that you can hardly wait for the weekend to get here, take a few moments and see if anything on this list can be accomplished by you and you alone:

1) Volunteer to sit for a pet that you know is being neglected.

2) Volunteer to babysit a child you may know is being neglected.

3) Call up a few Homeless shelters and find out if they could use an extra blanket or three, or some help giving food out.

4) Offer someone you see on the street, a bag of food, or a warm jacket.

5) Give as many smiles as you can to strangers.

6) If you know of someone who has lost their job, and you have extra money, get a money order (checks may not be cashable unless they have an account, which they probably do not) and put it in an envelope and drop it in their mail shoot, or under their door–anonymously, maybe even drop a phone number of a place you know is hiring.

7 Offer to make dinner for a neighbor you know is either very lonely, or have so many “mouths to feed,” they could use the extra.

Most of all, don’t call ANY of these things “CHARITY,” just do it, like the ad says. Maybe even make it a regular thing now and then. Most people who do things like this usually say: I feel so much better when I help someone. But next time, say: They feel much better and have some hope after this little offering.

Most people who are suffering won’t necessarily look like it. Many people hide from the spectacle of suffering because they feel ashamed–and shame kills. We never know which person in our lives, or a neighbor, or a stranger who may be thinking of suicide, needs just a little hope in humanity–it could be that simple gesture of yours. It’s hard, I know, because sometimes we feel like we’re intruding on people’s privacy, but don’t let that stop you. People need people, and everyone wants to be excited about life, whether it’s Friday or Wednesday, or Green-day, or Play-day, it doesn’t matter. Be cautious, yes. But, if you have it in your power to do some good–be generous, too.


The WRITE Way!

     I am nosey when it comes to finding out what other people do, and comparing myself to their efforts in my profession. I am a WRITER. I  go about asking other people, who claim they are writers as I claim, how they go about preparing their routine to write.

     Since there are so many different people in this country, and in the world, it is a grand task to attempt an “average” on how one goes about discovering the “write” way. Here are some interesting things I’ve learned.

     Some people get up, shower immediately and head over to the writing section of the home, or office. These people are usually alleviated from guiding and/or preparing any children for breakfasts, showers, school, and so forth. These people are usually, but not absolutely, men.

     Adding to this, while having the same purpose and direction as the men, some women do likewise AFTER they prepare breakfast, and guide the children either to school busses, or drive them directly, and thereafter these women head to the writing section of the home or office, to begin their “write” period of the day.

     From this group, encompassing these two gender sub-groups, we find a similar routine: as soon as you wake, and get the “small stuff” out of the way, you immediately begin your “writing” in the early part of the day for a few hours. All these I have mentioned are “morning writers,” and many of them in this group, may even work in a professional capacity as a writer (i.e. Editors, publishers, screenwriters, or television group writers, etc.).

     Then we have those who do all the other things in the morning, first, they attend to the task of writing beginning at mid-day, or thereabouts. These are the “Afternoon writers.” Their schedule usually allows them to be less rigorous or dogmatic about their schedule. So they begin in the morning similarly, with showering, eating, but then they do all the “interactive stuff” first, like visiting–either on internet, or physically–watching a movie, or reading a book. By afternoon, these people are ready to wear the “write” hat. In terms of women and men, if either of these gender groups work, then they may have to work first, or maybe they only work part-time, or are retired. Hence, these writers may do a quick blog at lunch, but their writing period is more flexible than the other groups, which means they do not start their writing period until they feel like it, or they become a part of the next group.

     This next group I call, the “Secret Society of Midnight Writers.” These people are those who wait until dark–very dark. This group likes to wait until the later part of the evening, like when everyone is asleep. They tip-toe through the house, to the write area, and begin their quest for another few pages or more, on their latest project. If in this group, there are morning laborers in the working class, or if there are children, yes: this group suffers “jet lag.” Still, they are usually rewarded with a nap during lunch, or–if fortunate enough to work from home–they nap after lunch.

     Suffice to say, any and all of these three group members may interchange, or may use variations on their scheduling due to life events. But all this only addresses the when and where Writers Write Now, we will address the how Writer’s Write.

     So how do these writers get on their game? Writers have rituals. Yes, it’s true, they do. Some may never admit to this, or are not really conscious of them, but all writers have little idiosyncracies before, during and after they write.  

Some writers type nonsensical verbiage until they cause the “juices” to flow from their fingertips, and then they begin “the real writing.” Many writers “fiddle with” their desks or writing areas to obsession, just to get started, and stop at regular intervals, to clean, clean, and more clean, and organize every little thing near them and put everything in its place constantly. Other writers have to make sure everything is set-up: everyone is called, and every sound is properly staged, such as music or movies in their volume, station, and/or channel, before they can “settle in.” Many people have to go to crowded places like Starbucks, or Panera Bread Cafe,  just to feel they can think because they cannot think when it’s quiet and they are alone–maybe they don’t like eating or drinking alone, either…

     The point is, all these people are trying to do one thing and one thing only: WRITE. But not only Write, but write routinely and meaningfully. When I ask all these different “writers” about their writing habits, I am sure of one thing: they look for the perfect formula to get their writing accomplished and fluently flowing. Let’s not forget that all these writers have doctor’s appointments, dental work needs, school visits, children’s recitals, and the like…just like the rest of us.

     As for me, I do ALL OF THE ABOVE, depending on time, place, and emotional setting of my life. Through all of it, I know for a fact: I must find at least two sincere and successfully completed hours to write, whether morning, noon or night. If I can do more than two hours, great! But at the LEAST, I must sit down and WRITE, undisturbed, for two hours. Much like anything else, one can only see progress when one chisels away at the product routinely, robustly, and relentlessly. THEN, and only then, will you see the shape of your work coming to fruition–and hopefully completion–to be able to move to the next of many writing projects. We call ourselves WRITERS, and that’s what writer’s do: they WRITE!

Traveling for Training Writes

The year is exactly half way, now. It’s incredible how quickly years fly by. I was working on a trip to New Mexico, for research purposes. I have never been to most of the states in the U.S., and that bothers me. If I was born in this great country, I should know a little about it, shouldn’t I? How many people live in their country and have not hardly moved about in it, so they know little about all its characteristics, cultures, and so forth? I don’t want to be one of those people. MY bucket list is the hope to visit and stay awhile in each state, so that I can really know the country in which I belong.

Since we’ve got so many “little countries” within the larger U.S., it behooves ANYONE to get a handle on its characteristics. I’m starting with New Mexico, because my novel is based in New Mexico, and it’s title “Taos” works with the theme of psychological identity by experiences. The novel has a lot to do with psychological hang-ups people grow to have after a succession of traumatic events.

One may call this book a thriller or murder mystery, since the backdrop is based upon the main character’s pursuit of a serial killer, but the killer is only mentioned. It is more about the detective that is chasing the killer, and who she thought she was before she discovers the many aspects of the pursuit and finding of the killer.

I hope to have this novel published or at least connected by publishing date, by the end of this year.